ColorView Low Energy Use 54 Watt (75 Watt Equivalent) Bright White Light Bulb. Case of 10

  • ColorView light bulbs provide uncompromising light and true color for you home or office.
  • ColorView uses 28% less light and last 43% longer than traditional incandescent light sources.
  • ColorView light bulbs appear 20% brighter and 35% whiter than traditional incandescent light sources
  • ColorView contains no mercury and is environmentally safe
  • ColorView light bulbs will make objects in your home or office come alive with vivid colors and textures hidden by LED and flourescent lights.

ColorView long life and energy efficient light bulbs are the perfect light source to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs that have since been banned by government regulations. ColorView requires 28% less energy and lasts 43% longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. In addition, ColorView emits a light that appears whiter and brighter making colors pop, highlighting textures, and revealing finishes. ColorView brings back life to rooms that have been dulled by other “energy effic
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